On Thursday, September 18th the Office of Compliance (OOC) and Senator Mark Kirk hosted this month’s OOC’s Distinguished Speaker Series. This event featured Mr. Brett Sheats and Mr. Brian Nichols from the Wounded Warrior Project’s “Warriors to Work” program. A program that provides career guidance and support services to wounded veterans interested in transitioning to the civilian workforce. The program also supports employers by helping them connect with qualified candidates, providing information and education about combat-related injuries, reasonable accommodations, facilitating a productive on-boarding process and developing a long-lasting relationship throughout the life cycle of employment. Sheats and Nichols’ presentation focused on how members of the Congressional community can hire and support veterans here on Capitol Hill.

The event was informative and thought provoking for the House and Senate staffs in attendance. Particularly interesting was Sheats and Nichols’ discussion of how staff directors and employers on the Hill can modify and tailor their job advertisements to better attract returning servicemembers. These modifications included simple changes such as accepting military service in lieu of certain formal educational requirements. Sheats and Nichols also discussed the inexpensive and simply ways employers can accommodate veterans with combat related injuries such as post-traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injuries.

If your office would like more information on making your workplace a welcome environment for veterans, please contact our office at 202-724-9250. We would be happy to provide you with training and information regarding veteran’s rights under the Congressional Accountability Act. Also, if you’re a House employer and looking to hire veterans for your office please contact the Chief Administrative Officer’s Wounded Warrior Program for more information (https://cao.house.gov/wounded-warrior).