The following forms are provided to assist a covered employee in pursuing a claim of a violation of sections 201 through 207 of the Congressional Accountability Act under the Office of Compliance's Administrative Dispute Resolution process. 

Please note that certain forms require a password.  All forms requiring a password are designated with a “P.”  Contact the Office of Compliance at (202) 724-9250 to obtain a password, if one is required.

To pursue a claim, a covered employee must file a Request for Counseling (form provided below) with the Office of Compliance within 180 days from the date of the alleged violation.

Step 1: Counseling

Formal Request for Counseling (P)

To pursue a claim of a CAA violation, an employee must first submit a written request for counseling known as a formal request for counseling.  If unsure whether a claim is covered under the CAA, please contact the OOC at (202) 724-9250 and ask to speak to a Counselor.  Please click here to access the form.

All calls and contacts are strictly confidential.

Agreement to Reduce the Period for Counseling (P)

During formal counseling with the OOC, an employee may request to reduce their 30-day counseling period.  A request to reduce the counseling period must be approved by the Executive Director of the Office of Compliance.  Please click here to access the form.

Withdrawal from Counseling with Right to Reinstate (P)

An employee may utilize this form to request to withdraw once from formal counseling with the OOC, while preserving their right to reinstate their claim as long as the claim is reinstated within 180 days of the alleged violation.  Please click here to access the form.

Request to Reinstate Counseling after Withdrawal (P)

An employee who has withdrawn from counseling, and who wishes to reinstate their claim, may utilize this form to request to reinstate counseling with the Office of Compliance.  Counseling on a single matter will not last longer than 30 days. Please click here to access the form.

At the conclusion of the Counseling period, the employee or their designated representative shall be notified by the Executive Director of the end of the formal counseling period, and of their responsibility to file a Request for Mediation with the OOC if they want to proceed further with their case.

Step 2: Mediation

Request for Mediation (P)

In order to proceed with their case, an employee must file with the OOC a Request for Mediation not more than 15 days following the end of Counseling. Please click here to access the form. 

Step 3: Complaint

 Complaint (P)

After completing counseling and mediation under the CAA, a covered employee may elect to file an administrative complaint with the OOC or file a civil action in federal District Court.  A complaint or civil action must be filed no sooner than 30 days nor later than 90 days from the end of Mediation. If no complaint or civil action is filed, the case will be closed. Please click here to access the form.


Important Notice for Employees of the Library of Congress: Congress recently amended the Congressional Accountability Act to permit covered employees of the Library of Congress to submit to the Office of Compliance claims alleging employment discrimination or harassment, or alleging violations of the Family and Medical Leave Act, the Fair Labor Standards Act, or the public services and accommodation provisions of the Americans With Disabilities Act.  Please contact our Office for more information.