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Office of Compliance:
Congressional Accountability


Reports & Studies:
Conducted by the Office


Disability Accommodation Reports - Reports on Inspections for Compliance with the Public Access Provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act

Irradiated Mail Report - Investigation of the Health Effects of Irradiated Mail

OSHA Compliance Reports - Reports on Occupational Safety and Health Inspections Conducted under the Congressional Accountability Act

Section 102(b) Reports - Review and Report on the Applicability to the Legislative Branch of Federal Laws Relating to Terms and Conditions of Employment and Access to Public Services and Public Accommodations

Annual Reports/Section 301(h) Reports - Report to Congress on Use of the Office of Compliance by Covered Employees


Section 230 Study - Study of Laws, Regulations, and Procedures at The General Accounting Office, The Government Printing Office, and The Library of Congress